Yoonjeong Lee:
Yoonjeong Lee

Yoonjeong Lee
[junɕʌŋ li]

​​​I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in the department of Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA School of Medicine. I received my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Southern California​​​​ in May 2018. My linguistic research on spoken language fits under the scientific umbrella of cognitive science, as the field of phonetics stands at the interface of speech action and perception. The scope of my research encompasses prosodic dynamics in speech and linguistic and personal aspects of voice quality.​​

The vocal tract actions deployed in spoken language are systematically governed by both contrastive (i.e., meaning encoding) properties of a word's segments and simulatneously by the structured informational aspects of the speaker’s plan, collectively referred to as 
Inner workings of my vocal tract :)
phrase-level prosody. The goal of my research program is to understand how speakers integrate prosodic structure with segmental structure in speech planning and production. ​​​

In my current postdoctoral project in Jody Kreiman’s voice study laboratory at UCLA, I am pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of voice quality.  Click here to learn more about my research.

​​​​While at USC, I was actively participating in various projects as a member of the USC Phonetics and Phonology Group, the Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge group (SPAN), and the Zevin Lab.​​ I am currently the newest bureaucrat at the UCLA Bureau of Glottal Affairs (Facebook: @UCLABGA).

Click here for my CV with downloadable publications.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.